Collateral Recovery Service

A1 Nationwide is a provider of collateral recovery management services for banks, credits unions, leasing companies and finance companies. A1 Nationwide does not perform any physical repossessions directly. Visit our vendor relations page to view our agent's requirements regarding insurance, compliance and also certification.

 Door Knock/Field Call Service

We will assist in locating a current address for your customer if needed, then our professional agents can make up to three contact attempts with your customer so that we may retrieve updated information on your behalf.

Impound Service 

When units are located at impound lots or held with mechanics liens our A1 team can coordinate the entire process on your behalf. We coordinate the paperwork and fees owed with repair shops, body shops, tow yards, impound lots (including police impounds ) nationwide. We advance funds, prepare documents and secure releases quickly.  

Commercial and Specialty Units

Our agent network is experienced in recovering all types of units which include:

  •    Recreational Units including Boats, ATV’s, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, etc.
  •    Heavy duty trucks including units over one ton and commercial trucks
  •   Commercial equipment including construction equipment  as well as farm equipment
  •   Captains are on stand by for large vessels and aircraft.

Skip Trace Services

At your request, all repossession assignments can be skip traced immediately upon receipt by our compliance-oriented, top quality investigators.  A1 is the unique provider of collateral location and recovery services, using the latest technology to fit the individual needs of each client in order to meet the ever changing demands of the lending industry.Our skip tracing staff will immediately gather the most up to date information on your assignment in order to give the field agent the best possible information to work with. When appropriate, we will connect the skip with your collector to update their account information and make payments or arrangements.

Transportation Service

Repossessed vehicles can be transported for a nominal fee or made available for transport, per your instructions. Our transport team will work with you based on your approved auction lists to determine the ideal route to move your assets from storage lots to auction.